Vtgnike’s “The Healer”

Aerial drone footage of Moscow’s post-Soviet splendor to accompany the release of the electronic artist's debut album on Gost Zvuk.

Not long ago, Moscow’s prolific underground electronic music label Gost Zvuk put out their tenth release – Vtgnike’s long-awaited debut album. After dropping off the radar for an extended period, the highly influential electronic artist returned in full swing, and the release was his first full-length album in three years. Now, the label is presenting a hypnotic, aerial video for Vtgnike's new track "The Healer."

The video, produced by Gost Zvuk founder Ildar Zaynetdinov, uses aerial drone footage that explores the southwestern region of Moscow where both Ildar and Vtgnike spent a formative number of years. According to Ildar, the imagery is laden with symbolism – sustaining thematic elements from Vtgnike’s 2014 album “Real Love Doesn't Have Past Tense.” Around the video’s one-minute mark, a formation of drones, evocative of the bird flock featured on the cover of the 2014 album, can be spotted flying in the background. Vtgnike’s ethereal track carries the viewers on a flight through Moscow's Konkovo and Teply Stan districts. 

The footage exposes the architectural grandeur of the Soviet-bloc apartments and the House of Artists in all their imposing and impressive angles. More important however, are the subtle easter eggs scattered throughout the video that pay tribute to the Gost Zvuk collective as a whole. In the final shot, the figure of one of the label's close friends can be spotted dancing behind a window. “The video was made by us and exists for us – and we have no qualms with that” Ildar says.

This Saturday, Gost Zvuk will be hosting a show at Moscow’s venue NII, that will feature a strong lineup of the label’s musicians.