Synthposium: Vyacheslav Grigoriev

Moscow-based synth designer Vyacheslav Grigoriev runs a synth-building workshop that operates only at night.

Vyacheslav Grigoriev, the founder of the VG-Line workshop, is Moscow’s chief man when it comes to synthesizer repair and modification . Inspired by his father, who is like him a musician and engineer, Vyacheslav eagerly sought to design his own synthesizers since the age of 8, making do with the limited resources available in the Soviet Union.  

Now an electronics expert, Vyacheslav known both for his modified version of the cult RITM-2 synthesizer, as well as the TR-909-inspired desktop bass drum module – which surpasses the original. His workshop is a unique enterprise that adheres to a DIY approach and rejects any corporate affiliations. There, Vyacheslav essentially lives enveloped in wires, power grids and sounds, as he repairs, designs and manufactures synthesizers.

Vyacheslav also provides facilities for other engineers, and conducts master classes on electronics and soldering. His resilient lifestyle manifests in the way he works, allowing him to overcome even the most strenuous barriers: after his former workshop was recently destroyed by a fire, Vyacheslav rebuilt everything entirely from scratch.

The film above was featured at the Synthposium 2017 event, at which Vyacheslav's VG-Line workshop won the award in the Best Sound Processing Device category for their "12-bitcrusher" model.