Boring Kollektiv’s Summer Essentials

A kit comprised of treasures found on Avito.

Most apartments on the outskirts of Moscow are rife with objects lying idle and collecting dust, but there was a time when these relics were an integral part of someone’s summer. They have been forgotten and neglected as 2017 has no time for a rickety fan or Soviet male running shorts. Fidget spinners and high-tech shorts have replaced them.  

Boring Kollektiv embarked on an expedition across Moscow this summer to assemble the ideal kit for sweltering-hot days. This kit – as seen in the video above – strives to gift a second life to discarded items that have been scavenged from Avito, an online marketplace for secondhand goods. Kollektiv suggests that we each create our own list of summer essentials and plan a weekend route through the distant neighborhoods of our city in search of treasures from strangers’ closets. Such an adventure could become a new form of mushroom foraging for those who choose to stay in their city for the remainder of the summer.