An Investigation of Sound in an Odessan Estuary

Ukrainian artist Bryozone presents a mix featuring the lineup of an upcoming multidisciplinary festival.

This weekend the Ukrainian coastal city of Odessa will host a festival of experimental music and art. The event, spanning over two days and taking place near the natural landmark of Kuyalnik Estuary, is organised by the two local communities System and vsprvln. A vital member of the former, Odessa-based artist Ganna Brizhata, also known as Bryozone, compiled a mix that covers the festival line up and shared her own photos of the unique location.

“The Ukrainian scene has been at its peak during the last two years,” she says. “We decided to organize a decentralized event with the idea of gathering the most interesting acts at the wastelands of the Odessa region in order to spark cross-communication between the existing local movements.” In addition to the local artists, the festival will feature musicians from all across Ukraine as well as Russia.

The “reverberation stage” is designed to manifest the festival’s conceptualization. The stage will be located inside a defunct and rusted-out elevator “that is filled with lizards and echoes from the cargo station nearby.” The goal of the stage, explains Bryozone, will be to “combine the environment, musicians and audience into a homogeneous palette of overtones.” Endowing an improvisational element, the venue will feature acts of ambient and noise music “that will gradually flow and provide a continual psychoacoustic experience.”

ODS, Odessa, Ukraine. August 11-12.