An Awkward Guide

New music video by Kirill Savateev.

Moscow-based filmmaker Kirill Savateev isn’t fond of talking about his films. However, he did mention that time is a theme of this video: “The figure skater appearing on the old television set, looks as if she could belong to any period,” the filmmaker says. “Similarly, the characters exist in their own unidentifiable time.”

The video is set in a rented apartment that looks as if it had been in stasis for decades. Yet time leaves its mark on everything – and the apartment is no exception. “I had to tell the owner that Jesus had spoiled her wallpaper; we had fixed the divine bas-relief to the wallpaper with scotch tape, and he had wanted it to stay there permanently,” Kirill recounts.

The rhythmical patterns in Dritter Verkehrsring's music track give momentum to the story that revolves around two women: one who obsessively searches for something around the apartment, and the other who just glares at her in silence.

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